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This Date in History

This Date in History with Nick Ragone is a multi-platform channel on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram dedicated to telling the stories for American Exceptionalism with a special focus on the Greatest Generation.  It was developed by Nick and Tom Ragone and has nearly 500,000 subscribers across all platforms. If you have a suggestion for a video topic, send it to 

That's How it Goes

A calm came over Robert Hickman as he was about to leap from his C-47 plane into the inky night sky over Normandy in the predawn hours of June 6, 1944.  He just knew that his parachute would safely guide him to the tumultuous earth below. 

Robert let his mind drift to his high school buddies, Sal and Murph, and their teacher, Miss Drury, who enlisted with him the day after Pearl Harbor. “Please, God, look after them” he said to nobody in particular.  Just two years earlier they had quit high school because their country needed them, and now their stories were unfolding to a most unexpected denouement. 

That’s How it Goes is the story of four ordinary Americans who became extraordinary like the countless millions of others from their generation. 


Q&A with Nick Ragone

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Yes, all my previous books have been on history and government. That's How it Goes is my first work of fiction.  The idea of writing a fiction book came from the countless hours of doing research for our Youtube channel. 

Absolutely! In creating videos for our channel, my brother and I have come across so many extraordinary men and women with truly astounding stories of courage, heroism and selflessness.  While it's a work for fiction, we drew inspiration from many of the heroes from the Greatest Generation that we've profiled on our channel. 

All books are available on major online retail platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and they are available in multiple formats, including paperback, Kindle, and audiobook.

That's How it Goes is actually a Frank Sinatra song from the early 40s while he was with the Tommy Dorsey band. He only performed it once, live on radio. 

Soon! That's How it Goes was originally written as a movie and then converted into a novella. If while reading it you're visualizing a movie - know you know why! 

Everyone! it has it all - action, humor, romance, heartbreak and inspiration.  You're guaranteed to have multiple laughs and multiple cries!