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Rick Santelli just jumped the shark

Me thinks Mr. Santelli -- the CNBC reporter now famous for his anti-housing plan rant  --  jumped the shark on the Today Show this morning when he seemed to imply that Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs "threatened" him from the White House podium last week.

To Matt Lauer's credit, he called Santelli out for being way off the mark ... but Santelli didn't seem to back off the claim.  Dylan Radigan, who was also on set, tried to gamely defend Santelli and put his rant in context, but it was an odd, odd moment between Lauer and Santelli, and I think undercut Santelli's credibility on the issue.  The verdict: his 15 minutes are up ...

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Reader Comments (4)

Santelli is already a hero on the right. Being attacked by Lauer will only add to his status as Lauer is viewed as a dimwit. Does anyone watch the Today show?

February 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterPlayov (ECSF)

Nick what you need to ask yourself....is why is an impassioned person with conservative values who believes in Capitalism described as "ranting". The left tries to dismiss the facts he is stating by saying its a rant - and rants should not be taken seriously - nooo nooo nooo - we should rather just take Obama's eloquence and soft manner as all we should follow...f that....the funny part is the left has no idea how this housing plan is going to work....the administration is ALL rhetoric on this matter, do they really believe EVERY case is going to be seen by a bankrupcy judge to determine who is and isn't responsible...how much is that going to COST the american taxpayer? Not to mention that this is not even POSSIBLY legitstically.

It's very simple.....

if you put ZERO down on a house because you couldn't even afford any down payment - YOU SHOULDN'T BE BUYING A HOME!

If you dont understand that taking a 30 year loan is DEBT and NOT a GUARANTEED return on your money..YOU SHOULDNT BE BUYING A HOME

If you rely on a dual income - if each of your income ALONE is not enough to carry the mortgage payment - YOU SHOULDNT BE BUYING A HOME (since when is employment guaranteed for 30 years?)

If you only assets and savings is acquired from LOANS (DEBT) you take against your house - YOU SHOULDNT BE BUYING A HOME AND YOU SHOULDNT BE RE-FINANCING EITHER!

And the left will cry that these people were taken advantage of because they did not know this...well you know what...when you don't know something in life...LEARN, especially before YOU ACT.

I find it so funny how many idiots who a few years ago used to brag to me about how "rich" they were because of the value of their house - I would ask them if they OWNED their house...and they would say yes...than I would ask if they had a Mortgage...and they would say "well of course...80-90%....WELL STUPID than you DON'T OWN your house...the BANK DOES...so your asset is really just BANK debt until you own it outright 20-30 years from now (some cases longer)...how do you know what it will be worth then?

Again...IGNORANCE in BASIC FINANCIAS is NOT an excuse for making bad decisions....and TRUSTING someone is also something you do AT RISK. Same goes for rich people....a lot of RICH people trusted Madoff...why...because they were greedy and wanted more....they MADE this decision to TRUST their money with this guy and now they are paying the consequences....some where stupid enough to trust ALL of their money with this guy....you know what I say...TOUGH! Like we all haven't been taught "don't keep all your eggs in one basket" since we can remember....it's a joke.

Obama and his Cronies want you to feel like we have to feel sorry for everyone and help them out...we should feel sorry for GM for making a CRAP product - we should feel sorry for their labor unions who pay guys $100/hr to sweep the floors and pension out at 55 - dragging the entire company down with it because of the financial burden.

Overall the free Market WORKS. Yes there are highs and lows and successes and failures. But one thing is for SURE...Gov't envolvement can only lead to FAILURE, miss management, no efficiencies, higher costs, higher taxes, etc...etc...if you disagree..please give me ONE example of a Gov't program that has been managed well, came in UNDER budget and actually achieved the goal it was sold to the American people as....please JUST ONE....

Social Security....

School Budgets...
The MTA...

Now Imagine Gov't running with this same effectiveness (NONE)
Our Banks
Our Energy Companies
Our Car Companies

People should speak up and YELL - because this is the direction we are headed

February 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterThe Truth

Very well said, The Truth. You are vocalizing what many of us know to be true.

March 2, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterB

Today is July 3, 2009 and what Rick Santelli said on Feb. 19th (and many other days) is even more important. Tomarrow many people across this great country will be standing up for their beliefs . I also feel that Gibbs did attack Santelli, his motive was to discredit a man and a message that the administration knew was true. (Obama changed the housing plan within a week)I don't think Gibbs had a right to bring negative attention to a single reporter for no good reason, unless you call not wanting to answer what Rick said a good reason. Matt Laurer is not worth watching. Rick is a good father and huband.

July 3, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLynne

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