Post Presidency and legacy
Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 09:28AM
Nick Ragone

I did an interview with Newsweek about President Bush's legacy (update: read the story here).  Specifically, the reporter wanted to know how a president goes about shaping (and in some cases rehabilitating) his legacy.

The piece should come out next week, but it got me to thinking:  How have the modern presidents gone about their post presidency?

I'm going to develop a longer op-ed on this topic, but my central thesis will be:  There are really four "models" to post-presidential careers:  Global Humanitarian (Hoover, Carter); Elder Statesman (Nixon); Activist (Teddy Roosevelt, Clinton), and Post Partisan (Ford,  Bush). 

I have a feeling I know which camp George W. Bush will fall into, but I'll save that for the op-ed. 

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