Nick Ragone is an author, attorney and public relations executive in New York City. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Rutgers University, and is a graduate of the Eagleton Institute of Political Science at Rutgers University (undergraduate) and the Georgetown University Law Center.

He is the author of three books: Essential American Government, Everything American Government, and President's Most Wanted. Nick is a regular contributor to the Fox News Channel and Fox Business, the PIX11 Morning Show, and has a weekly appearance on the popular Raph Bailey Radio Show.  He co-anchored PIX11's five-hour live inauguration coverage with Jim Watkins and Kaity Tong.

Nick is a contributor to Donklephant.com, one of the most influential political blogs on the web, and  has written for US News & World Report, The Star-Ledger, Real Simple Magazine and RealSimple.com.  Nick has been quoted in over two dozen stories on politics, the presidency, and public relations.  In December of 2007, Nick was named one of PR Week's 40 under 40 to watch, and in May of 2008 was featured in "Profiles of Success", a book about public relations. Nick lives in Jersey City, NJ, with his wife and two children, and spends what little free time he has obsessing on the Mets.

Nick can also be found on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=740817853




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Governor Blago is one insane MoFo

I've sort of run out of words to describe the sociopath that is Governor Blagojovich.  He is just plain nuts, pure and simple.

With the legal noose tightening around his neck, he decides it's the perfect time to appoint former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to fill Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat.

There's a part of me that admires his sheer balls-iness.  Blago doesn't march to his own drummer -- he marches to a sound that can only be heard by dogs and aliens from distant planets. 

If the Democrats were holding out any hopes that he'd go gentle into that good night, that ain't happening.  He's going down like the titanic, and he's going to drag everything and everybody he can get his hands on. 

It puts Harry Reid in the awkward spot of having to reject an African-American former state Attorney General with an impeccable reputation -- something that can't be too appetizing.  But he doesn't have much choice -- Blago is tainted, and therefore his appointment is tainted, too.  Probably not the way Harry Reid wanted to start the New Year.

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Reader Comments (6)

I'm speechless. It's awful enough that Blago did this, but what's worse is Burris even accepting this appointment under these circumstances. What kind of credibility does he think he'll have in the Senate or with the people of Illinois?

I've lost all faith in any Democrat from Illinois at a time when a gang of them are moving into the White House. What an albatross for the incoming Obama administration.

December 31, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph

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